What happens when you mix the philosophy of a luddite with the quest to capture light in it’s many permutations?

What you get? Aside from shear awesomeness, mind boggling mayhem and beautiful accidents you also get… a Ludlite.

We are just that, and on a quest to defy the perfection of digital photography to make room for the joys of shooting on film. A true Ludlite becomes one with their camera, knows all the chinks and creaks in each camera, knows what every noise means and what it will do to their favourite roll of film. Dedicated Ludlites don’t feel the need to keep checking the screen on the back of their cameras after every frame, (largely because there is no screen) and we believe above all else good Ludlites shoot exclusively on film.

The Ludlites come from all kinds of backgrounds, some of use are professional photographers with long, respected careers who shoot digitally and love their plastic medium format cameras as freedom from the rigidity of perfection. Others are graphic designers, architects, film makers, publicists, fathers, mothers and all come together annually to celebrate the joys of the ludlite lifestyle… exhibition style!

As our world gets sharper, more megapixels, airbrushed and seemless we Ludlites feel a responsibility to put a spoke in the wheel of digital evolution and remind our audience (and ourselves) of the pleasures of imperfection, the surprise that comes from the delayed gratification of film, and more than anything… slowing down and taking in the world around us. Film does this to you…

Ludlites, aside from shooting on film, shoot exclusively on plastic lens cameras… We love them, we name them and we have relationships with them because, like any good relationship, make you see the world in a different way.

As we delight in the imperfections of plastic camera photography, we hope to inspire others to do the same!


Meet Holga…


And Diana


For more information about these plastic cameras and many others visit our friends at Lomography Australia/New Zealand